The new way to make ice cubes

ICEBREAKER – Coolness with a twist


Coolness with a twist

You have never served ice cubes like this! Use ICEBREAKER at the dinner table – just turn the lid and twist your ice cubes into your glass straight from the ICEBREAKER.

Keep it cool

When placing ICEBREAKER in the freezer, you can place it as you like – vertical, horizontal, upside-down or however you like. When the water is frozen, you are ready to serve delicious and crunchy ice cubes from ICEBREAKER.

Make water cool

Without water, no ice cubes. Ice cubes are made when water shifts from liquid to solid state. When making ice cubes with the ICEBREAKER, the process happens in a sealed container which prevents water spillage. Just fill ICEBREAKER with fresh water and put it in the freezer.

Umber Grey

Meet the classical Umber Grey – With its elegant appearances, it fits right into any home, on any table and can be used on any occasion. Umber Grey’s stylish look adds a dash of luxury to your day.

Sapphire Blue

Meet the sophisticated Sapphire Blue – Its cool Nordic character creates curiosity without being the centre of attention. Overall, Sapphire Blue creates a calm and pleasant feeling when serving drinks.

Cool Grey

Meet Mr. Cool Grey – The original ICEBREAKER colour. The discreet and relaxed Cool Grey adds a calm and yet lively atmosphere to your table and quickly becomes a loyal and indispensable companion in your daily life.

Pale Lemon

Meet the energetic Pale Lemon – It stands out of the crowd with its fresh colour. It will without a doubt create a playful atmosphere in your daily-life and excite your surroundings. Pale Lemon is the perfect guest for a colourful day in good company.

Icebreaker - Hvilken Icebreaker skal være din?